Pre-launch and Holiday Arts & Culture Fundraiser

As 2017 gets rolling in full motion, we would like to take a moment to recognize those corporations who demonstrated their belief in us by contributing to our end of the year red carpet Pre-launch and Holiday Arts & Culture Fundraiser. 

Together we introduced the mission of Revolutionize Hollywood, an accelerator program to elevate Independent Artists.

Our title sponsors HMS Host, Professional Recruiters and Hotes Foundation saw the vision, believed and sponsored. We are grateful for our major sponsors  Hyundai and Wild Horse Labs. Your contributions helped introduce our movement to the heart of Hollywood, California.  A special thank you to Barbara A. Perkins and National Action Network, LA.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.18.23 PM.png

Grammy nominees and Independent Artists in many facets of the entertainment and media industry gathered to promote the elevation of Independent Artists and preserve arts and culture.

In addition to an entertaining night, attendees donated instruments, equipment, music, monologues and industry books, software, and art materials for Watts Towers.
Revolutionize Hollywood also raised $1,500 for Love Notes, a non profit organization.

Throughout the night attendees enjoyed presentations by Revolutionize Hollywood's Independent Artists. 

The evening was hosted by, soul violinist, Lee England Jr,  a Quincy Jones Management and Michael Jordan brand ambassador artist.  The evening was full of independent artists both in front and behind the camera.  

Grammy Nominated songwriters Brittany B (John Legend), and Davion Farris (Tyrese, Trey Songz) truly spread some holiday cheer.
The finale concluded with a highly anticipated snippet of Revolutionize Hollywood's "Follow-On" program first creative initiative,   'The Black Hollywood Marilyn and Friends Show', directed by Willie Latimore of Elite City Entertainment

"The only suitable thing to say is  thank you. Thank you for helping us shine a light onto the talents of  "ArtTrepreneurs," Artists + Entrepreneurs. We continue to elevate, entertain and create great projects while aspiring to bridge the gap between mainstream and independent  media."
-April Q. Russell, Founder & CEO

Colin Randall