Have you accessed your true ARTrepreneur spirit?


An ARTrepreneur is a person who merges his or her artistic skills and business expertise to establish a sustainable career.   

Terms like “the arts,” “art,” and “artist” include a broad range of creative activity including performance, design, architecture, creative writing, music composition, choreography, film, illustration, and fine art all fall in the artistic skills category.

Are you truthful to yourself about the strengths and weaknesses of your current artistic skill set versus those of an ARTrepreneur?

The challenges facing most artists, especially those in arts education is that most will learn how to “do” the art versus being the artists.  No matter what your career goals are, you must become extremely educated and exposed to all resources offered in your school, community, and state to achieve sustainable work in the arts.  

To be an ArtTrepreneur you must ask yourself some difficult questions about your current situation and future lifestyle.  As glamourous as the media depicts a life in entertainment, the truth is there are certain innate skills that you must possess and there are certain skills that you must be willing to learn to become a successful ArtTrepreneur.

Self-analyze your true ArtTrepreneur spirit to help you to determine: “Is this a career path that I really want to do?”  Start with questions like:

  •         Is my current talent strong enough to land me consistent work as an artist?
  •         What realistically am I giving up if I am not a full-time employee? Can I afford to do this?
  •         Am I willing to perfect my craft and simultaneously perfect my business?  Is being an artist and being a business person mutually exclusive?

Learning how to be an artist means learning how to develop, manage and execute your own career.  The practical steps to this process are (1) identifying your transferable skills, 2) becoming extremely educated and exposed to all resources offered in your school, community and state, (3) learning how those resources are useful to your continued growth to achieve sustainable work in the arts and (4) putting a plan of action together that includes the identified resources and personal achievement goals

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