Artists as Entrepreneurs (AAE)

We provide workshops and bootcamps to help artists at all levels to begin to think with an entrepreneur mindset, speak as business owners and increase revenue streams.


“The World of ARTrepreneurship”

Workshops are currently under development with Los Angeles City College. The workshops will assist with developing confident interpersonal skills along with a broad scope of entrepreneurial tools to shape students successfully entering various sectors of the entertainment and media industry.

Show business conferences 

Advance one day hi-level conferences where Artists will be able to navigate through the mystifying field of show business and understand the step by step “action items” delivered as short term customized blueprints to help Artist identify immediate revenue opportunities and continued growth for long term result.

I matter - girl and women entertainment & media project

We believe change starts with self-awareness, understanding your current position and value. I Matter is programming designed to teach girls and women the fundamentals of entertainment as a business and trade. In addition, we encourage girls and women to have a better understanding of media influencers and unveil myths. This program is for any girl and or women who are fascinated by celebrities, have natural talents, or dream of entering in to the industry.

Inaugural ARTrepreneurs Awards & Gala

We are celebrating Artists who are Revolutionizing Hollywood on and off screen through self - owned business, community work and mastering their craft.